Bibliometric analysis on supercritical CO2 power cycles for Concentrating Solar Power applications, M. A. Reyes-Belmonte, R. Guedez, M. J. Montes, Entropy, 23 (10), 1289, 2021, Online version,


In recent years, supercritical CO2 power cycles have received a large amount of interest due to their exceptional theoretical conversion efficiency above 50%, which is leading a revolution in power cycle research. Furthermore, this high efficiency can be achieved at a moderate temperature level, thus suiting concentrating solar power (CSP) applications, which are seen as a core business within supercritical technologies. In this context, numerous studies have been published, creating the need for a thorough analysis to identify research areas of interest and the main researchers in the field. In this work, a bibliometric analysis of supercritical CO2 for CSP applications was undertaken considering all indexed publications within the Web of Science between 1990 and 2020. The main researchers and areas of interest were identified through network mapping and text mining techniques, thus providing the reader with an unbiased overview of sCO2 research activities. The results of the review were compared with the most recent research projects and programs on sCO2 for CSP applications. It was found that popular research areas in this topic are related to optimization and thermodynamics analysis, which reflects the significance of power cycle configuration and working conditions. Growing interest in medium temperature applications and the design of sCO2 heat exchangers was also identified through density visualization maps and confirmed by a review of research projects.