Students of the “Solar Energy” course of the Energy Engineering degree at the University Carlos III of Madrid visit IMDEA Energy scientific facilities as a training activity within the framework of the ACES2030-CM project. The Energy Engineering degree consists of a multidisciplinary training in which students acquire a high level of knowledge in renewable energies, energy efficiency and efficient consumption management. Specifically, in the subject “Solar Energy”, coordinated by Professor Carolina Marugán-Cruz, students study the solar resource and the uses of solar energy to produce electricity and process heat.

The visit will consist of a seminar given by Dr. Manuel Romero Alvarez, coordinator of ACES2030-CM, on the role of solar thermal energy in the transport sector and in the production of heat and electricity. This will be followed by a visit to the concentrating solar field and the high-flux solar simulator. This activity will allow students to understand the procedures and equipment for high-flux and high-temperature characterisation, learning first-hand how it works and what techniques are used both in experimental laboratories and in industry.